Lasset_die_Kindlein-Uhde-cutmercifulness, fairness, honesty” are the features of character

which Jesus loves most.  (Mt 23:23)

Jesus is your friend and your counsellor.

He cares for your freedom and well-being.

Come to me ! Whoever carries a heavy burden … I will give you peace!“ (Mt 11:28)

Churches and religious communities regard it as their task to inform about Jesus.

But is it really the ” freedom” of Christ they speak about?

Prefer to check yourself!

Jesus defends your dignity against emotional blackmail, manipulationintellectual prohibition and dishonest propaganda.

Articles of this website keep an healthy distance from „Churchly Correctness„, i.e. from well-known unproved doctrines which are teached like an ideology with methods of group dynamics in evangelical and Catholic churches. Whoever visits this site will find here enlightening information which he possibly will never get at in an evangelical or Catholic environment. 

Pious ideology, “scripture understanding”, overestimation of the own biography as norm of all believers black out God’s word. If the Spirit withdraws then only the letter are visible “which causes death.” (2.Cor 3:16) Finally believers fear to be violated by the Bible and do not read it anymore.

Lord, where shall we go? You have words of eternal life.” (Joh 6,68)

The following sermons illustrate the fact that Jesus is a reliable and true friend especially in times when we become exasperated with ourselves.

“Even if the evil has shown all its destruktive power – God’s mercy will have much more power than the evil.” (Ro 5,20)