Lasset_die_Kindlein-Uhde-cutBlackmailed and damaged by religion?

Jesus is your friend and your advocate.

He cares about your freedom and well-being.

Come to me ! Whoever carries a heavy burden … I will give you peace and help you!“ (Mt 11:28)

mercifulness, fairness, honesty“ are the features of character which Jesus loves most.  (Mt 23:23)

Many churches and religious communities regard it as their task „to inform about Jesus“.

But is it really the “ freedom“ in Christ they speak about?

Check it out for yourself!

Religious systems have their special dynamic. They reward submission to their ideological norms with money, influence and job security. As far as they supply feelings of security which are based on ideological consensus their members will react with hostility on the attempt to examine when something arises that is questionable or perceived to be destructive. Due to the emotional dependance they produce it often seems to be impossible to advise members of clearly recognizable dangers because of partial information or abuse of power. They will react either with indifference or with indignation on reports of even severe damage

There must be an open and honest exchange of information in Christian faith communities in order to avert such grievances. But it often does not exist. A law could demand a clearing up concerning destructive side-effects. But fact is: until today the state grants faith communities the privilege of coercion to hurt and to intimidate people „at their own discretion“ by their theology. Many people ignore and excuse this.

Here you will find here enlightening information useful to protect yourself and which you will possibly not get in your „faith environment“. 

Jesus defends your dignity