Jesus is your friend and your advocate.

He cares for your freedom and well-being.

Come to me ! Whoever carries a heavy burden … I will give you peace and help you!“ (Mt 11:28)

mercifulness, fairness, honesty“ are the features of character which Jesus loves most.  (Mt 23:23)

Churches and religious communities regard it as their task „to inform about Jesus“.

But is it really the “ freedom“ of Christ they speak about?

Prefer to check yourself!

Religious systems reward submission to their ideological norms with money, influence and job security. They claim their privilege guaranteed by the law to hurt and to intimidate people „at their own discretion“ by dilettantish theology. Many people ignore and excuse this.

Here you will find here enlightening information useful for self-protection which you possibly will never get at in your „faith environment“. 

Jesus defends your dignity